Display Cabinets

Solid oak is the material most traditionally used to build display cabinets and many examples built from exotic hardwoods including mahogany and walnut survives well to this day. Softwoods and cheap alternatives such as pine and MDF have become common in recent decades, but it’s the hardwoods that stand the test of time. We only sell high quality hardwood furniture, handcrafted by skilled joiners with meticulous eye for detail. Beautiful Display Cabinets available in all sizes Our huge selection of Display Cabinets includes Oak Display Cabinets, Mahogany Display Cabinets and Dark wood Display Cabinets, from the world’s largest Display Cabinets latest designs and style available on our site, This furniture item can have enclosed drawers or cabinets on the bottom for storage of items that do not need undue display. Mostly, a display cabinet is made from wood. Wooden cabinets have a unique value in the vintage and antique market.

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The perfect storage unit for the modern living or dining room, incorporating 3 drawers above a double and single cupboard space.